Looks like that this year we are now arround for 10 fucking years!

to celebrate this we have a few goodies for you:

  • on our Datashock Bandcamp site we will upload most* of our releases for free (but if you are nice person you can give us a donation). new uploads will be published every monday!   (*maybe all.. if we get all masters 2gether)
  • we will release a extreme limited Datashock Family Lathe Cut Box in a edition of 25! this box will house 10 x square 7″ records by the Datashock Family! 2 lathes every 2 months! Released in the style of the Sub Pop Single Club and only for subscribers! On this lathes: Datashock, Pretty Lightning, Flamingo Creatures, Elfenbeinturm, Schrein, Phantom Horse, Sex Temple, Alien Radio,… More infos on this Box soonish! If you are interested to subscribe write a mail to datashock-family-box@meudiademorte.de
  • there will be focus on Datashock with a Lp Box set on Sagittarius A Star in fall with Lps by Datashock, Schrein, Sex Temple…
  • maybe we also finish the mixing for our next album on Dekorder
  • check out our merch section at bandcamp, after moving from saarlouis to saarbrücken i dicscovered a few out of print datashock releases.


enough Datashock news whats up with Meudiademorte? you announced one year ago that new stuff is in the pipeline?

there is new stuff.. but it needed time.. so maybe some of this stuff will see the light:

  • Datashock Family –  Lathe Cut Box w/ 10 x square 7″ records
  • Black To Comm – Loop 7″
  • Phantom Horse – 2×7″
  • Datashock – Unplugged Lp
  • Elfenbeinturm – 12″

and we will also upload most or all records which we released on Meudiademorte! deal?


Checkout the new Datashock Tape on Eiderdown Records!
Buy a Tape with download (the tapes arrive the next few days), download or just stream our bullshit! buy it here

color test


Schrein 2012 is the new project made by Bastian (Gtuk, Sun Worship, Ben Butler & Mousepad), Ronnie and Ruth (both Datashock, Flamingo Creatures).


Cotopaxi, Indias Indios & Schrein are on Tour!

So anybody is interested? 2 dates are still ready to book!

just mail: flamingocreatures@gmx.de

30.12. Berlin, tba
31.12. Bremen, Friese
01.01. Hamburg, tba
02.01. Leipzig, Nullunendlich
03.01. Darmstadt, Oetinger Villa
04.01. HELP
05.01. Stuttgart, FFUS 
06.01. HELP


Ruth-Maria Adam

Bastian Hagedorn

Ronnie Oliveras

Der Schrein gilt als Aufenthaltsort für göttliche Wesen, doch lauern halbnackt, frivol und krummbeinig die Kobolde Ruth-Maria Adam, Ronnie Oliveras und Bastian Hagedorn darin, um mit allerlei profanen Gegenständen gegen die verknöcherte Orthodoxie musikalisch-akademischer Avantgardetraditionen anzulärmen. Nichts ist ihnen heilig, und so blöken sie besoffen vom Messwein heilige Kühe an, stolpern über Klangschalen, zersingen den alteuropäischen Kanon und tragen auf diese Weise jedweden falschen Ernst improvisierter Musik zu Grabe. Aus dem Schrein kommt „Musik für alle“: hinterlistig-freundliche Klang-Experimente ohne höhere Weihen aus den niederen Regionen ihres kollektiven Bewusstseins. Schmutzig.

– Holger Adam

Check out Schrein (here under their old name Monolith):

Yeah.. sendin this one out.. to my bitchez
No doubt indeed.. without weed.. knowhatI’msayin?
That new real shit.. a brand new LL Cool P Mixtape, mixed 4 ya boombox .. knowhatI’msayin?
Its all in the game, homes!


︻╦╤─ LL Cool P – Keep it G – Mixtape ─╤╦︻


A$AP Rocky – Pe$o
Haftbefehl – Psst
2.7.5 KeyNyata – Pitch Black
Tupac X DJ Screw – High Till I Die
A$AP Ferg – A Hundred Million Roses
SpaceGhostPurrp – Grind On Me
Actrion Bronson X Riff Raff X Dana Coppafeel – Hot Shots Part Deux
Earl Sweatshirt – Earl
Danny Brown – Blunt After Blunt
♥ Kitty Pryde ♥ – ❄ Okay Cupid ❄
A$AP Rocky – Wassup
Brooke Candy – Freaky Princess
Lil B “The Basedgod” – Ho Stop Playin
OWFGKTA – Bitches Brewin
Wiz Khalifa – Don’t Lie
Robb Bank$ – Fine$t
SpaceGhostpurrp – Tha Black God
The Notorious B.I.G. X DJ Screw – Juicy
Bodega BAMZ – My Name Is
A$AP Rocky – Goldie
Haftbefehl – H.A.F.T.


 Phantom Horse  released today their selftitled debut lp on Dekorder!

And i made a video for my buddies! Best viewed with some kush!

Phantom Horse is the duo of Ulf Schütte and Niklas Dommaschk from Hamburg and Kiel (home of seminal Digitalis Recordings artist Jürgen Müller). Schütte is a (part-time) member of Datashock, Black To Comm, Aosuke et al and has recently released his modular synth explorations under the Alien Radio moniker on a (sold-out) Dekorder split-LP with Keith Fullerton Whitman and a 4-way split 7″ with Köhn, Ducktails and Peaking Lights on Kraak. Dommaschk plays guitar, synth and electric piano.

With the aid of a drum machine and (acoustic & synth) percussion the duo creates polyrhythmic and refreshingly brief song-based compositions influenced by the tuneful melancholy of Moondog, Minimal Music of the 60’s and 70’s, a deep love for the early electronics of Cabaret Voltaire and (kind of inevitable) the whole Cluster/Harmonia axis of German experimentalism. The latter being a major reference point with their pioneering explorations of rhythm & melody within seemingly abstract textures.

Phantom Horse create a similarly exciting fusion of bleeping modular/analog synths and electric guitar with gorgeous melodies coming from arpeggiated electric piano riffs while the hypnotic background rhythms from both guitar and percussion are hinting towards Krautrock as well as African music (or its 2nd hand use on albums like Eno/Byrne’s Bush Of Ghosts respectively).

︻╦╤─ GANGSTA STAR ─╤╦︻

 Phantom Horse  releasing 2morrow their selftitled debut lp on Dekorder!

the video premiere for “twilight son” will be 2morrow at the No Fear of Pop website!

btw i made it..

Flamingo Creatures are on the road with the legendary Limpe Fuchs!

there will be a split tape on SicSic. get it!

Flamingo Creatures:

24.07.2012  Stuttgart @ Wagon w/ Günter Schlienz , without Limpe Fuchs

Unterwegs mit Limpe Fuchs:

25.07.2012 München @ Rhytmikon

28.07.2012  Obergiesing @ Pöllat Pavillon

29.07.2012  Dachau @ Wasserturm

And some Pretty Lightning dates, they are looking for dates in the UK around late october.

If you´re interested or if you know someone who may be interested, please get in touch:



Pretty Lightning:

25.08.2012: Tavigny (BEL) @ Beaverfest

07.09.2012: Bremen @ Friese

13.09.2012: Tilburg (NL) @ Incubate Festival

21.09.2012: Darmstadt @ Oetinger Villa



Its Summer Bitchez..

Festival Time:

Datashock will play in Essen at the Extraschicht Festival on  30. of June 

Flamingo Creatures is playing the Art Lab Festival in Moldova with Black to Comm,

Hering & seine 7 Sachen and many others between June 29. & 01 of July!

Pretty Lightning & Elfenbeinrum will perform at the XYeahX Summer Festival Würzburg

on the 07. of July

Help Kraak!

June 8, 2012

Our friends from KRAAK  received some bad news from the government over there. KRAAK as a concert promotor might stop to exist. Please find more info here.

some words from Ronnie in the name of Datashock, Phantom Limbo and Meudiademorte:

As a child I once visited Belgium together with my family, spending holidays at a Centerpark. I don’t remember details but I guess it was fun: holidays, swimming-pools, giant slide,…

That’s twenty years ago… I never knew anything else about Belgium: Centerparks and Marc Dutroux, of course.

10 years ago, when I started to play music together with a couple of friends (we all lived in a small german town called Saarlouis at that time), we were wondering about the fact, that so many bands we were interested in, did play in Belgium…: „What’s going on there?”, “Why is everyone playing in Belgium?” We found out later that the main reason simply was and is the dedication of a couple of guys, working under the name „KRAAK“.
Maybe you can`t understand their work, when you are not a part of it. And maybe you are not interested to invest in someone’s work if you don’t really get what they’re doing. But whoever might read these words: think of something you love, something you are burning for, something you are obsessed with… that’s why these guys worked for years. For me it always was a breathless try to push ideas, aesthetics, expressions and creativity besides mainstream culture and cost-benefit calculations. And besides all virtual self-expression and egocentric individualism in the so called World Wide Web, which is becoming more and more typical for our times, they always took care for reality. For so many artists KRAAK was and still is about finding some real places to perform in front of real people. And for lovers KRAAK’s providing possibilities to feel the music. It was and is about meeting each other, talk to each other, listening to music together and sharing experience. Well, I don’t need any facebook friends! I need a place where I can go to! I don’t need to know everyone personally who stands beside me, but it’s great to see and feel there is someone. The end of KRAAK would put all this to an end. I’d miss future friendships and I will lose a longtime friend in Belgium.

Ronnie Oliveras (Cologne )

New Pretty Lightning Video:


Jürgen Ploog liest seine Liner-Notes zur Datashock-LP „Pyramiden von Gießen”


Just a sign of life.. we recorded a few new jams for a new album on dekorder. check here a little unmixed teaser from the whole session which was recorded in january 2012.