Yeah.. sendin this one out.. to my bitchez
No doubt indeed.. without weed.. knowhatI’msayin?
That new real shit.. a brand new LL Cool P Mixtape, mixed 4 ya boombox .. knowhatI’msayin?
Its all in the game, homes!

︻╦╤─ LL Cool P – Keep it G – Mixtape ─╤╦︻


A$AP Rocky – Pe$o
Haftbefehl – Psst
2.7.5 KeyNyata – Pitch Black
Tupac X DJ Screw – High Till I Die
A$AP Ferg – A Hundred Million Roses
SpaceGhostPurrp – Grind On Me
Actrion Bronson X Riff Raff X Dana Coppafeel – Hot Shots Part Deux
Earl Sweatshirt – Earl
Danny Brown – Blunt After Blunt
♥ Kitty Pryde ♥ – ❄ Okay Cupid ❄
A$AP Rocky – Wassup
Brooke Candy – Freaky Princess
Lil B “The Basedgod” – Ho Stop Playin
OWFGKTA – Bitches Brewin
Wiz Khalifa – Don’t Lie
Robb Bank$ – Fine$t
SpaceGhostpurrp – Tha Black God
The Notorious B.I.G. X DJ Screw – Juicy
Bodega BAMZ – My Name Is
A$AP Rocky – Goldie
Haftbefehl – H.A.F.T.

so after two days at home i miss touring again… we had a great time and thanks to everybody who set up a show  and came  to see us! if anybody made some photos or videos get in contact! btw we still have some tourshirts left order them in the shop!

here are some tourpics. the sr also filmed us in zweibrücken and another video from zweibrücken:

i also uploaded my tourmixtape:


Another day in the Tourvan, you live on the road, exhausted, half awake, worst hangover ever…

the street and the smell of old sweat.  You need a push before arriving at the venue and to play the next show….

Ps: more good news: we will record the next record by the end of the year…

Download this nice mixtape from the Soundmirrors blog with  Stellar Om Source, Peaking Lights, Jonas Reinhardt and … and a band called Datashock… and more.. 😉


New Mixtape!

July 7, 2010

i made a new mixtape after this hard weekend called: Hangover
BTW our weekend in Braunschweig and Schiphorst was fantastic!
Thx to Vera, Jean-Herve & Carina! also thx to all people who came!
was good to see the bremen guys, brighton gang, homies from hamburg and our mentors from frankfurt 😉

Elfenbeinturm – Hangover Mix

perfect mixtape for a sunday afternoon hangover…
best heard with fast food and ice coffee in a chill out area in a ultra relaxed position.


Reinhard Lakomy – Es wächst das Gras nicht über Alles (Hangover Edit)
SFV Acid – Echopark Hipster
Delia Derbyshire – Liquid Energy (Bubble Rhythm)
Alien Radio – 2
Stellar Om Source – Here is 2night (California Erotica Mix)
Experimental Products – Streewalk
Julius Krebs – Intro
Splash Band – Die Klapperschlange
Throbbing Gristle – Hot on the Heels of Love
Key – Ketchup
Pond – Cassiopeia
J. D. Emmanuel – Part IV: Expanding into the Universe
Tangerine Dream – Love on a Real Train (Risky Business)
Harald Grosskopf – Trauma
Games – Everything is wrong

New Mixtape

December 6, 2009


Elfenbeinturm – Tha Pizza Party Mix Vol I

this mix 2 hour long mix will also be available as bonus cdr in the Elfenbeinturm – PPP – Trilogy Box
or for 2 euro in the next batch

MDDM Mixtape Power

September 1, 2009

made a while ago 2 online mixtapes.. maybe someone is interested…

summer is over, fall is coming. some deep hippe listenings between folk, psych, lo fi electronic and absurd.


fire, water, air – food for the hungry

stephen whynott – what have you seen
dave bixby – drug song
vallerie webb & paul labreque – the valley
witch (japan) – look out
amon düül – love is peace
ya ho wa 13 -yod hey vau hey tectratys
jefferson airplaine – white rabbit (mono single version)
father yod & the spirit of 76 – contraction side a
catherine ribeiro & the alpes – jusqu’a ce que la foret
townes van zandt – sixteen summers, fifteen falls
collie ryan – bey baby blackbird
nelson angelo & joyce -um gusto de fruta


harmonia -watussi
gala drop – ital
beach boys – mrs o’leary’s cow
umaru sanda – manafuka
ata kak – daanyinnaa
ghédalia tazartès – rien qu’au soleil
yoko ono plastic ono band – greenfield morning i pushed an empty baby carriage all over the city
neu – lila engel
alien radio – 2
urasula bogner – begleitung für tuba
the shadow ring – city lights
wild havana – s/t
ducktails – beach point pleasant
blues controll – always on time

First instalment of a free to download upcoming releases compilation…

First round:

Next on Mddm Online Comp June

1.Viki – Zodiac Hole
A unique hybrid of industrial/noise and dance music created using her own modified instruments and processors. Inspired by the spirit of early hip-hop, yet mutated into a new sound of electronic urban decay, Viki remains more accessible and enjoyable than anything in the ‘noise’ scene that she usually gets lumped in with.from the “Is that so” Cd Compilation on Meudiademorte and Tape Tektoniks.

with NateYoung, John Wiese & Panicsville, Skull Defekts, Aosuke, Datashock, Yello Swans etc

2. Uuhuu – Festsaal Kreuzberg II
Marcel Türkwosky & Andrew Cwar (ex Jomf) team up, aight
from the split Cassette with Datashock

3. Nautilus – Untitled
new beautifull solo project from Heidi Diehl (Vanishing Voice / Time Life)

Cassette till now untitled.

4. Thurston Moore – The Unmitigated Felch
this guy from the simpons.heavy guitar feedback

from the “Is that so” Cd Compilation on Meudiademorte and Tapetektoniks
with Nate Young, John Wiese & Panicsville, Skull Defekts, Aosuke, Datashock, Yello Swans etc

5. Phantom Horse – Flashbingo
new project from ulf schütte and his friend niklas…anybody said neu and harmonie… the new wave of german kraut
from “Triangular Future” Cdr. first Phantom Horse release ever.

6. Memorize The Sky – Rise The Sky
MTS is informed by the diverse musical experiences of its members, including performances and recordings with rock bands His Name is Alive, Neil Michael Hagerty, Tara Jane O’Neil, Saturday Looks Good to Me, and Low, and avant garde luminaries Anthony Braxton, Jim O’Rourke, Tony Conrad and Alvin Lucier.

Jazzzz. Matt Bauder, Zach Wallace &Aaron Siegel. Anthony Braxton fame / Graveyards fame. from the “Rise the Sky”Cassette

7. Tunnels – Untitled
Tunnels aka Nicholas Bindeman (Eternal Tapestry, Jackie O Motherfucker, Heavy Winged’s Jed Bindeman’s bro). Tunnels encapsulates the psygrrdelic space between rock and noise, head and body, stardust and gravelpit. Total all OUT experience that moves from Taj Mahal Travellers like spirituality to the vox vs. guitar/bells/chime hypnosis of Grouper/Fursaxa and the pastoral synth styled drone panorama’s of Tangerine Dream/Popol Vuh/Klaus Schulze. Heavy delay style.

from “On a Body of nothing but Radiance” Cassette.

8. Asmus Tietchens – S. 7B
Asmus Tietchens is a major player in the European avant garde and a consistently prolific thinker who has single-handedly formulated and discarded a whole host of advanced operating paradigms. His career stretches right back to the late 70 when he collaborated with the German electronic duo Cluster during the same period that they were engaged in working with Brian Eno. From there he launched a series of beautiful electro-harmonic recordings that pushed the envelope for machine music in much the same way that the early Harmonia and Cluster releases had. In the mid-80s he became involved with Nurse With Wound and Christoph Heemann’s HNAS and his own music became more focussed on blank tones, Industrial-scale ambience and the philosophy of decay and despair as articulated by the Romanian philosopher E M Cioran.

from the “Is that so” Cd Compilation on Meudiademorte and Tape Tektoniks
with Nate Young, John Wiese & Panicsville, Skull Defekts, Aosuke, Datashock, Yello Swans etc

9. Scanners -Oz Antep I

Do you know Aosuke? Tobert Knopp & Ulf Schütte are Creep stylerz

from the upcoming “Oz Antep”Cdr

maybe a tape tek upcomming comp is fallowing.. who knows… 😉