Looks like that this year we are now arround for 10 fucking years!

to celebrate this we have a few goodies for you:

  • on our Datashock Bandcamp site we will upload most* of our releases for free (but if you are nice person you can give us a donation). new uploads will be published every monday!   (*maybe all.. if we get all masters 2gether)
  • we will release a extreme limited Datashock Family Lathe Cut Box in a edition of 25! this box will house 10 x square 7″ records by the Datashock Family! 2 lathes every 2 months! Released in the style of the Sub Pop Single Club and only for subscribers! On this lathes: Datashock, Pretty Lightning, Flamingo Creatures, Elfenbeinturm, Schrein, Phantom Horse, Sex Temple, Alien Radio,… More infos on this Box soonish! If you are interested to subscribe write a mail to datashock-family-box@meudiademorte.de
  • there will be focus on Datashock with a Lp Box set on Sagittarius A Star in fall with Lps by Datashock, Schrein, Sex Temple…
  • maybe we also finish the mixing for our next album on Dekorder
  • check out our merch section at bandcamp, after moving from saarlouis to saarbrücken i dicscovered a few out of print datashock releases.


enough Datashock news whats up with Meudiademorte? you announced one year ago that new stuff is in the pipeline?

there is new stuff.. but it needed time.. so maybe some of this stuff will see the light:

  • Datashock Family –  Lathe Cut Box w/ 10 x square 7″ records
  • Black To Comm – Loop 7″
  • Phantom Horse – 2×7″
  • Datashock – Unplugged Lp
  • Elfenbeinturm – 12″

and we will also upload most or all records which we released on Meudiademorte! deal?


︻╦╤─ GANGSTA STAR ─╤╦︻

 Phantom Horse  releasing 2morrow their selftitled debut lp on Dekorder!

the video premiere for “twilight son” will be 2morrow at the No Fear of Pop website!

btw i made it..

Flamingo Creatures are on the road with the legendary Limpe Fuchs!

there will be a split tape on SicSic. get it!

Flamingo Creatures:

24.07.2012  Stuttgart @ Wagon w/ Günter Schlienz , without Limpe Fuchs

Unterwegs mit Limpe Fuchs:

25.07.2012 München @ Rhytmikon

28.07.2012  Obergiesing @ Pöllat Pavillon

29.07.2012  Dachau @ Wasserturm

And some Pretty Lightning dates, they are looking for dates in the UK around late october.

If you´re interested or if you know someone who may be interested, please get in touch:



Pretty Lightning:

25.08.2012: Tavigny (BEL) @ Beaverfest

07.09.2012: Bremen @ Friese

13.09.2012: Tilburg (NL) @ Incubate Festival

21.09.2012: Darmstadt @ Oetinger Villa



Its Summer Bitchez..

Festival Time:

Datashock will play in Essen at the Extraschicht Festival on  30. of June 

Flamingo Creatures is playing the Art Lab Festival in Moldova with Black to Comm,

Hering & seine 7 Sachen and many others between June 29. & 01 of July!

Pretty Lightning & Elfenbeinrum will perform at the XYeahX Summer Festival Würzburg

on the 07. of July

New Pretty Lightning Video:


Jürgen Ploog liest seine Liner-Notes zur Datashock-LP „Pyramiden von Gießen”


From the  new album “There Are Witches in the Woods” (CD/LP/Digital) on Fonal

with amazing drawings by Sarah Hauser.


A new Datashock LP be recorded this weekend in Darmstadt in the Oetinger Villa with our beloved friend Jan Stütz… never change a winning  horse.. or somehting like that… so check this blog or facebook this weekend, maybe you find some videos or pics from the recording session!

After the weekend i will travel to Würzburg to play a Elfenbeinturm Show.

First time as a trio with my bro and son Alex Senzig  and my sis Sarah Tonnellier.

It will be a performance and screening of  what we call a “Modern Lifestyle Night”.

to enjoy the full show bring some dope, pizza & snacks!

Looks like the LP of our brothers in crime Pretty Lightning will be out soonish on Fonal Records!

check out the pressmaterial, they made nice pics..

My synth pal Jens Pauly is also on tour with his project Ghostrider..

and he is on tour with our other friend Daniel Voigt aka Hering & seine 7 Sachen! And because its boring and punishing to tour with just two people they also Invited the greek solo synthesist Lunar Miasma!

22.2.2012, Essen, Emokeller: Lunar Miasma / Ghostrider /Earth Chaos / Hering und seine sieben Sachen

23.2.2012, Bielefeld, AJZ: Lunar Miasma / Ghostrider / Hering und seine sieben Sachen

24.2.2012, Bremen, Friese: Lunar Miasma / Ghostrider / Hering und seine sieben Sachen

25.02.2012, Mainz, Walpodenakademie: Lunar Miasma / Ghostrider / Hering und seine sieben Sachen

check out this ghostrider video:

Check it



Our Boys from Pretty Lightning are on the plane to Finland to play the FLOW Festival in Helsinki and kick Kanye West Ass.

And it is official! Fonal Records will Release their upcoming Album “There are witches in the woods” check out another exclusive track:

Fonal Records will be releasing a record by Pretty Lightning in early 2012. Here’s a little sampler for your ears from this great psychdelic german duo.

“Pretty Lightning’s rural and heavy psychedelic blues is definitely southbound – not to sweaty Mississippi Juke Joints but to their sundrenched hometown, located south-west Germany, near the french border. Think of Christian handing over a cold beer to Sebastian after having finished an exhausting recording session and you might catch a glimpse of the general vibe.

But despite the sunny enviroment surrounding Pretty Lightning’s sound is more of a powerful dark affair. Pounding drums, muddy guitars and some ghostly vocals mixed altogether and ready to put a spell on you!
Pretty Lightning’s feverish tunes are referencing electrified blues from fiery Hound Dog Taylor to sleepy Junior Kimbrough and are of course reminiscent of contemporaries like the Black Keys or Mr. Airplane Man.”      – Holger Adam/Phantom Limbo

Datashock “Pyramiden von Gießen” Tour 

Presented by Opak, testcard and No Fear Of Pop:

fri 2.9. Köln @ Klubgenau

sa 3.9.  Zweibrücken @ Kunstzwergfestival 2011 w/ Flamingo Creatures

sun 4.9. Stuttgart @ FFUS w/ Pretty Lightning

mon 5.9.   Amsterdam @ OCCII w/ Pretty Lightning

tue 6.9. Den Haag @ TBA w/ Pretty Lightning

we 7.9. Essen @ Emokeller   w/ Pretty Lightning

thu 8.9. Bielefeld @ AJZ w/ Pretty Lightning

fri 9.9. Berlin @ Bei Roy   w/ Pretty Lightning

sa 10.9. Bremen @ Friese   w/ Pretty Lightning

su 11.9. Hamburg @ Flora (sunday matinee starts 15:00)



Pascal Hector / Meudiademorte




Datashock from Saarlouis, a collective of multi-instrumentalists. Founded in 2003, they’ve been losing themselves in the wardrobes of their subconcious ever since and have never been frightened to play around with whatever they can find in there, trying out colourful sound-costumes and sending out psychedelic-experimental ‘Gruselkraut’ from the depths of this vast piece of furniture.

„Like a free-folk-informed update on Amon Düül“ said UK-based magazine The Wire about Datashock’s live performance at the Avantgarde Festival last year, and Krautrock-hip-priest Julian Cone enthused about their recently released double album Pyramiden von Gießen: „It’s a splendidly righteous motherfucker!“

The boys and girls from Saarland do not cling to hackneyed versions of Krautrock, they follow the paths of early Pink Floyd, Amon Düül or Harmonia to recent projects such as Sunburned Hand Of The Man, but only to fill them with new meanings – Datashock’s psychedelic improvisations are amibitious re-appropriations and not moth-eaten imitations.

Pretty Lighting

Pretty Lightning equals rough psychedeliv Blues-rock from Germany. Guitar, vocals and drums create a basis for songs made out of hardships. Riffs like freight train on the loose sit next to extraordinary vocals, which take the whole proposition into the next level and beyond. Next Lp will be on Fonal!

A little break with LD

July 26, 2011

2morrow we will announce all tourdates and our funky new tourposter!  till than have fun with LD.


Again Datashock History Lesson:

P diddy with the not yet founded pretty lightning in 2005 somewhere in haagen on tour with thomas van norden…